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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Package insurance

Package policy

Paid business

Paid losses

Paid-up additional insurance option

Paid-up additions

Paid-up insurance

Paid-up policy

Paid-up policy reserve

Paramedical examination

Parasol insurance

Parcel post insurance

Parent company

Partial disability

Partial disability benefit

Partial loss

Partial permanent disability

Partial surrender provision

Partial temporary disability



Participating insurance

Participating policy dividend

Participating policy dividend options

Participation clause

Particular average (P/A)

Partnership buy-sell agreement


Party wall

Passenger insurance

Past service liability

Patent insurance



Paymaster robbery insurance

Payment bond

Payment by mail

Payment certain

Payment on account

Payor clause

Payout period

Payout phase

Payroll audit

Payroll deduction insurance

Payroll savings insurance

Peak season endorsement

Pension fund

Pension plan

Pension portability


Per accident limit

Per capita

Per cause deductible

Per diem business interruption policy

Per person limit

Per risk excess insurance

Per stirpes

Percentage participation

Percentage-of-loss deductible

Performance bond


Perils of the sea

Period of insurance

Periodic level-premium annuity

Permanent disability

Permanent life insurance

Permanent partial disability

Permanent total disability

Permissive user

Perpetual insurance

Perpetual mutual insurance company


Persistency bonuses

Persistency rate

Personal accident insurance

Personal articles insurance

Personal automobile policy (PAP)

Personal baggage

Personal comprehensive liability insurance

Personal effects insurance

Personal furs insurance

Personal hazard

Personal history

Personal income

Personal injury

Personal injury insurance

Personal insurance

Personal jewelry insurance

Personal liability claim insurance

Personal liability insurance

Personal producing general agent (PPGA)

Personal property

Personal property floater

Personal selling distribution system

Physical condition

Physical disability

Physical examination provision

Physical hazard

Physical injury

Physically impaired risk

Physicians insurance

Physicians, surgeons and dentists insurance

Piers, wharves, docks and slips insurance



Placed business

Plan document

Plan participant

Plan sponsor

Plate glass insurance


Policy anniversary

Policy benefit

Policy conditions

Policy contest

Policy dividend

Policy loan

Policy loan provision

Policy period

Policy provisions

Policy record

Policy rider

Policy term

Policy withdrawal provision

Policy year

Policy year experience



Policyowner service department

Policyowner’s equity

Policywriting agent

Political risk

Pollution exclusion


Pooled investment account

Port risk insurance


Portable coverage


Portfolio ceded

Portfolio entry

Portfolio premium

Portfolio reinsurance

Portfolio return

Portfolio runoff

Possible maximum loss

Postdated check plan

Postmortem dividend

Postselection of insured

Power interruption insurance

Power interruption insurance endorsement

Power plant insurance

Preauthorized check (PAC) system

Preauthorized payment system


Preexisting conditions

Preexisting conditions provision

Preferred provider organization

Preferred risks

Preliminary term

Premises and operations liability insurance

Premium (prem.)

Premium adjustment endorsement

Premium advance

Premium charge

Premium debate

Premium delay arrangement

Premium deposit

Premium deposit rider

Premium discount

Premium discount plan

Premium due

Premium estimated

Premium income

Premium notice

Premium notice ordinary (PNO) insurance

Premium payment mode

Premium rate

Premium receipt

Premium receipt book

Premium reducing

Premium reduction option

Premium refund

Premium return

Premiums in force

Premium-to-surplus ratio

Pre-need funeral insurance

Prepaid group practice package


Prepayment of premiums

Prescription drug coverage

Presumptive disability

Preventive care

Preventive health services

Primary beneficiary

Primary care physician (PCP)

Primary cover

Primary insurance

Primary insured

Primary insurer

Primary plan

Prime insurance

Prior acts coverage


Private dwelling house

Pro rata cancellation

Pro rata clause

Pro rata distribution clause

Pro rata liability clause

Pro rata reinsurance


Probable maximum loss

Probationary period


Producers cooperative

Product failure exclusion

Product recall exclusion

Product recall insurance

Products liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Professional reinsurer

Profits and commissions form

Profits and commissions insurance

Profit-sharing plan

Progressive impairment

Progressive no-claim discount

Proof of loss

Property damage

Property damage insurance

Property damage liability insur-ance

Property depreciation insur-ance

Property insurance

Proportional reinsurance



Prospective rating

Prospective valuation

Protected risk

Proximate cause

Pure premium

Pure risk