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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Label clause (L/C)

Ladder portfolio


Laid up (l/u)

Landed cost

Landed terms

Landed value

Landing certificate

Landing storage delivery (LSD)

Landlord’s liability insurance


Lapse ratio

Lapsed policy


Last clear chance

Last survivor annuity

Last survivor life insurance

Law of large numbers

Lay days

Lay underwriter



Lay-up refund

Lead company

Lead insurer

Leading underwriter

Leading underwriter agreement

Leading underwriters’ agreement for marine cargo business

Leading underwriters’ agreement for marine hull business

Leakage and breakage

Leakage insurance


Leasehold insurance

Leasehold value interest

Lease-purchase agreement

Leave to tow


Ledger cost

Legal expenses insurance

Legal heir

Legal liability insurance policy

Legal malice

Legal reserve

Legal reserve life insurance company


Lemon aid insurance

Lenders holder-in-due-course insurance



Letter of cancellation

Lettered rules

Level commission

Level cost

Level premium insurance

Level term insurance

Level term life insurance policy


Liability insurance

Liability limit

Liability not yet determined (l.n.y.d.)


Libel and slander

Libel insurance

Liberalization clause




Life annuity

Life annuity fund

Life assurance

Life expectancy

Life income annuity with period certain

Life income option

Life income with refund annuity

Life insurance

Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA)

Life insurance policies providing family protection

Life insurance policy (LIP)

Life insurance pour-over trust

Life insurance reserves

Life insurance trust

Life Office Management Association

Life planning

Life risk factors

Life saving apparatus (l.s.a.)

Life table

Life underwriter

Lifetime disability benefit

Lifetime policy



Lighterage to shipside



Limitation period


Limited liability

Limited payment life insurance

Limited policy


Line card

Line of credit

Line sheet

Lines of insurance

Linton Yield method

Liquidation and rehabilitation

Liquidation period


Livestock (LS)

Livestock clause

Livestock insurance

Livestock mortality insurance

Livestock transit insurance

Living benefits of life insurance

Living death benefits

Living trust

Lloyd’s machinery certificate (LMC)

Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s Policy Signing Office (LPSO)

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Underwriters’ Claims Office (LUCO)

Loading (ldg.)

Loading and delivery (Ldg. & D)

Loading for collection costs

Loading for contingencies


Loan on a policy

Loan value

Local agent

Locality card


Long bill of lading

Longshoremen’s and harbour worker’s (LSHW) liability

Long-tail liability

Long-term agreement (LTA)

Long-term care (LTC) insurance

Long-term disability

Long-term discount (LTD)

Long-term insurance


Loss adjustment expenses

Loss and damage (L&D)

Loss assessment

Loss burden

Loss clause

Loss constant

Loss department

Loss during discharges (l.d.d.)

Loss during loadings (l.d.l.)

Loss during transhipment (l.d.t.)

Loss experience

Loss frequency

Loss of good will

Loss of income insurance

Loss of life (LOL)

Loss of life and personal injury (LOL&PI)

Loss of rent insurance

Loss of use insurance

Loss outstanding

Loss paid

Loss prevention

Loss rate

Loss ratio

Loss report

Loss reserve

Loss retention

Losses incurred

Loss-of-profit insurance

Lost or not lost clause

Lost policy release

Low voltage insurance

Low water (LW)

Low water, ordinary spring tides (LWOST)

Luggage insurance

Lump sum (l.s.) payment

Lump sum distribution