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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms



Face amount

Face of policy

Face policy

Facility of payment clause

Factory Insurance Association (FIA)

Factory mutual

Factual expectation

Facultative reinsurance

Facultative/ obligatory reinsurance

Failure to complete

Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plan

Fair market value

Fair value

Fair wear and tear and gradual deterioration

Family automobile doctrine

Family automobile insurance

Family benefit

Family considerations

Family expense insurance

Family history

Family income policy

Family income rider

Family insurance policy

Farm comprehensive insurance

Farm comprehensive personal liability insurance

Farmowners and ranchowners insurance


Faulty installation

Federal Crime Insurance

Federal Crop Insurance

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Federal Flood Insurance

Federal Government Insurance

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA)

Federal Savings and Loan Insur-ance Corporation (FSLIC)

Federal taxes


Fee simple estate

Fidelity bond

Fidelity exclusion


Field force

Field underwriting

File a damage report

File a loss report

Financial Accounting Standards Board

Financial responsibility clause

Financial risk


Fine arts and antiques insurance

Fine arts dealers insurance

Fine arts floater insurance


Fire and allied lines

Fire and allied perils (F&AP)

Fire and theft (F&T)

Fire brigade

Fire brigade charge

Fire catastrophe reinsurance

Fire damage

Fire detector

Fire division

Fire doors

Fire drill

Fire escape

Fire exit

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishing appliances (FEA)

Fire extinguishing costs

Fire hazard

Fire insurance

Fire insuring agreement

Fire legal liability insurance

Fire load

Fire map

Fire prevention

Fire risk on freight

Fire risk only (FRO)

Fire wall

Fire, collision, overturning and derailment (F.C.O.D.)

Fire, lightning and explosion (FLE)



Fire-resistant construction


Fire-resistive construction

First dollar coverage

First loss insurance

First party insurance

First policy year

First premium

First surplus reinsurance

First year commission

First year expenses

First-to-die life insurance

Fixed-amount settlement option

Fixed annuity

Fixed benefit

Fixed-benefit annuity

Fixed dollar annuity

Fixed dollar investment

Fixed income financial instrument

Fixed objects

Fixed-period option settlement

Flat amount formula

Flat cancellation

Flat extra premium

Flat premium

Flat rate



Fleet of companies

Fleet policy

Flexible premium

Flexible premium annuity

Flexible premium deferred annuity (FPDA)

Flexible premium life insurance

Flexible premium variable life

Flexible rate

Flexible schedule

Flexible spending account life insurance

Floating policy


Flow-through cost

Follow the lead

Follow the leader

Following the fortunes

For account of whom it may concern



Forfeiture of vested benefits

Forgery bond


Fortuitous cause

Fortuitous event

Fortuitous loss

Forty-five year rule

Foundation exclusion clause

Fractional premium


Franchise clause

Franchise insurance

Franchise their respective rights and interests (FTRR&I)

Fraternal life insurance


Fraud bond

Fraudulent claim

Fraudulent misrepresentation

Free alongside ship (FAS)

Free examination “free look” period

Free look period

Free of accident reported (FAR)

Free of all average (FAA)

Free of all claims (FAC)

Free of capture and seizure (FC&S) clause

Free of capture and seizure and riots and civil commotions (FCS&CC) clause

Free of commission (f.o.c)

Free of income tax

Free of particular average (FPA)

Free on board (FOB)

Free on board in harbour (FBH)

Free on rail

Free on truck

Free policy


Freight aircraft

Freight insurance

Freight release (FR)

Freight, demurrage and defense cover (FD&D)

Freight, insurance and shipping charges

Freight train

Freight transport



Frequency and distribution of losses

Fresh water damage

Friendly fire

From ground up

Front-end load fund

Front loading


Fronting company

Frost damage insurance

Full actual loss

Full age

Full bill of lading

Full completed value

Full container load

Full container ship

Full contract value (FCV)

Full coverage

Full faith and credit bond

Full premium if lost (FPIL)

Full premium if lost by an insured peril (FPILIP)

Full reporting clause

Full returns

Full value insurance

Full vesting

Full-paid additions

Fully cellular container ship

Fully comprehensive insurance policy

Fully insured status

Fully invested

Fully paid policy

Funding agency

Funding instrument

Funding vehicle

Funeral insurance

Fur and jewelry floater

Fur floater

Furriers block policy

Furriers customers policy

Future annual premium (FAP)

Future purchase option benefit