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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Cafeteria benefit plan

Calendar year deductible

Calendar year experience

Call option

Camera all risk insurance


Cancellable policy


Cancellation provision clause


Capacity of parties


Capital assured

Capital gains


Capitation payments

Captive agent

Captive insurance company

Car insurance

Car liability insurance


Care, custody and control

Career agent



Cargo aircraft

Cargo insurance

Cargo liability insurance

Cargo line

Cargo vessel

Cargo war risk policy

Carriage (Cge.)


Carrier’s risk (CR)

Case management

Cash dividend option

Cash flow underwriting

Cash loss

Cash payment option

Cash premium accounting system

Cash refund annuity

Cash refund option

Cash surrender option

Cash surrender value

Cash surrender value nonforfeiture option

Cash value


Casualty insurance

Catastrophe cover

Catastrophe hazard

Catastrophe reserve

Catastrophe risk

Catastrophic illness insurance

Catastrophic loss



Ceded premium

Ceding company

Certain payment

Certificate holder

Certificate of authorization

Certificate of coverage

Certificate of indebtedness

Certificate of insurance

Certificate of occupancy

Certified financial planner (CFP)

Cestui que vie

Change in occupancy clause

Change in use clause

Change of beneficiary provision

Change of occupation provision


Chartered financial consultant (ChFC)


Check alteration and forgery insurance

Cherry pick

Children’s insurance rider

Civil action

Civil authority clause

Civil commotion (CC)

Civil disorder

Civil liability

Civil status

Claim (clm.)

Claim adjuster

Claim adjustment

Claim agent

Claim analyst

Claim department (clm. dep.)

Claim examiner

Claim expenses

Claim form

Claim frequency rate

Claim investigation

Claim paid

Claim payment

Claim report

Claim reserve

Claim settled

Claim settlement

Claim specialist

Claims department

Claims inspector

Claims made

Claims made basis liability coverage

Claims occurrence basis liability coverage

Claims reserve

Claims settlement fund


Class beneficiary designation

Class of insurance

Class of risk

Class premium rate

Class rate



Cleaners insurance

Cleanup fund

Clear and convincing proof

Clear-space clause


Client service department

Close corporation plan

Closed contract of insurance




Cold calling

Cold canvassing

Cold storage lockers insurance

Collateral assignment

Collateral source rule

Collected premiums

Collection commission

Collection fee

Collection of premiums

Collection report

Collision (coll.)

Collision clause (CC)

Collision deductible

Collision insurance

Combined insurance

Combined policy

Combined shop insurance

Combined single limit

Commencement of a policy

Commencement of coverage

Commercial credit insurance

Commercial forgery policy

Commercial forms

Commercial health insurance

Commercial insurance

Commercial lines

Commercial policy

Commercial property policy

Commercial risk analysis

Common area

Common carrier

Common carrier’s liability insur-ance

Common disaster clause

Common property

Community property

Commutation contract

Commutation right

Company car policy


Compensatory damages

Compound interest

Comprehensive general liability insurance (CGL)

Comprehensive glass insurance

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive liability insurance

Comprehensive personal liability insurance

Comprised total loss

Compulsory automobile liability insurance

Compulsory insurance

Compulsory third party insurance



Concurrent insurance

Conditional premium receipt

Conditional receipt

Conditionally renewable policy

Conditions for qualification

Confirmation certificate


Conflagration area

Conflagration hazard

Consequential damage

Consequential loss (CL)



Consignment insurance

Construction insurance

Contestable period

Contested claim


Contingency reserve

Contingent annuity

Contingent beneficiary

Contingent payee

Contingent reserve

Continuous-premium whole life insurance

Contract anniversary

Contract date

Contract of adhesion

Contract holder

Contract owner

Contractors liability insurance

Contractual capacity

Contractual liability

Contribution to surplus

Contributory group insurance

Contributory plan

Conversion privilege

Convertible insurance

Convertible term insurance

Coordination of benefits


Corporate-owned life insurance

Cost allocation method

Cost comparison method

Cost escalation cover

Cost of insurance

Cost of loss

Cost of medical treatment

Cost of protection

Cost, insurance & freight ... (named port of destination)

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost–of-living adjustment (COLA)

Cost-of-living plan


Country damage

Course of employment

Cover against stranding

Cover note


Covered by insurance

Covered expenses

Covered peril

Credit card forgery

Credit card insurance

Credit life insurance

Credit risk

Creditor beneficiary

Creditor life insurance

Criminal liability

Crop fire insurance

Crop hail insurance

Crop insurance

Cross liability

Crude death rate

Cumulative injuries

Cumulative liability

Currency risk

Current annuity

Current assumption whole life insurance

Current income

Current insurance

Current risk

Customer service department

Cut rate

Cut-off basis

Cut-through endorsement