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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms



Wage earner


Waiting period


Waiver of inventory

Waiver of premium (WP)

Waiver of premium for disabil-ity

Waiver of premium for payer benefit

Waiver of premium rider

Waiver of restoration premium

Wanton injury

War and marine transportation cover (W&M cover)

War clause

War exclusion clause

War rates

War risk insurance

War risks

War risks and strikes clause

War risks only (WRO)


Warehouse and custom bond

Warehouse bond

Warehouse receipt

Warehouse system

Warehouse-to-warehouse clause (W/W)

Warehouseman’s liability insurance


Warsaw Convention

Washed overboard (w.o.)

Watchman clause

Water damage insurance

Water damage legal liability insurance

Water pollution liability

Waterborne agreement

Watercraft nonowned insurance

Wave damage insurance

Wear and tear exclusion

Weather damage

Wedding present floater

Welfare and pension plans disclosure act

Wellness program

Wharf owner’s liability

Whole life annuity

Whole life annuity due

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance with limit-ed premium

Wholesale insurance

Wholesale life insurance



Willful act

Willful and malicious injury

Willful injury

Window guaranteed investment contract

Windstorm hazard

With average (WA)

With cargo on board (WCB)

With no profit insurance

With particular average (WPA)

With profit insurance


Withdrawal provision

Without benefit of salvage (WBS)

Without profit insurance

Wool growers floater

Work and materials clause

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation catastrophe cover

Workers’ compensation insurance

World insurance

Worldwide coverage

Wrap-around insurance program

Wrap-up insurance

Written business

Written line

Wrongful act

Wrongful death

Wrongful termination claim