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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Ultimate cost

Ultimate mortality table

Ultimate net loss

Umbrella insurance

Umbrella liability insurance

Umbrella reinsurance


Umpire clause

Unaffiliated investments

Unallocated benefit

Unallocated claim expenses

Unallocated funding instrument

Unauthorized insurance


Unbundled life insurance policy

Under construction (U/C)

Under deck (UD)

Under repair (UR)


Underinsured motorist endorsement


Underwriter (U/W)

Underwriter pays policy stamp (U.P.S.)

Underwriter pays tax duty

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)


Underwriting agent

Underwriting gain (loss)

Underwriting profit

Undesirable risk

Unearned premium

Unearned premium insurance

Unearned premium reserve

Unfair claims practice

Unfriendly fire

Uniform forms

Uniform Individual Accident and Sickness Policy Provisions Act

Uniform policy provisions

Uniform Simultaneous Death Act

Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA)

Unilateral contract

Uninsurable risk

Unique impairment

Universal life insurance

Universal life II

Universal variable

Universal variable life insurance

Unless caused by (u.c.b.)

Unless caused by stranding

Unlimited transhipments (U.T.)


Unoccupied premises

Unreported claims reserve

Unsatisfied judgement fund

Unsolicited application

Unvalued marine policy

Upstream holding company

Use and occupancy insurance (U&O)

Usual and customary charge

Usual conditions (UC)

Usual, customary and reason-able charge (UCR)



Utilization management

Utilization review