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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Name position bond

Name schedule bond

Named insured

Named nonowner coverage

Named perils insurance

Named risks insurance

National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters

National Association of Independent Insurers (NAII)

National Association of Insur-ance Brokers

National Association of Insur-ance Commissioners (NAIC)

National Association of Securities Dealers (Nasd)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

National health insurance

National Insurance Development Corporation

National Insurance Producers Conference

National Safety Council

Natural death

Natural losses

Natural premium

Navigable in fact

Neap tide

Necessities of life


Negligence liability insurance

Neon and electric signs floater

Net absolutely (n.a.)

Net amount at risk

Net cost

Net cost method

Net dead weight

Net earnings

Net increase

Net interest earned

Net level premium

Net line

Net loss

Net operating loss

Net premium (NP)

Net premiums written

Net registered tonnage

Net reserve

Net retention

Net tonnage

Net weight

Net worth

Net yield

New terms (N/t)

New York Insurance Code

New York Insurance Exchange

New York Standard Fire Policy

New-for-old deductions

Next of kin

Niche writers

No advice (N/a)

No cargo on board (NCOB)

No charge (NC)

No claim for accident reported (NCAR)

No collecting commission

No cure no pay

No lapse guarantee

No lying up return

No risk after discharge

No risk after landing

No risk until on board (NRTB)

No risk until on rail (NRTOR)

No-fault automobile insurance

No-fault liability insurance

Non delivery (N/D)

Nonadmitted assets

Nonadmitted insurer

Nonassessable policy

Nonassignable policy

Noncancellable insurance pol-icy


Nonconfining sickness

Noncontributory group insur-ance

Noncontributory plan

Nondisabling injury

Nondiscrimination rules


Nonforfeiture benefit

Nonforfeiture cash surrender benefit

Nonforfeiture extended term benefit

Nonforfeiture reduced paid-up benefit

Nonguaranteed premium life insurance

Nonhazardous in class

Noninsurance risk

Noninsured driver

Nonmedical life insurance

Nonoccupational disability

Nonoccupational insurance

Nonownership aircraft liability insurance

Nonownership automobile lia-bility insurance

Nonownership liability insur-ance

Nonparticipating insurance

Nonprofit insurer

Nonproportional reinsurance

Nonrenewal clause


Nontariff insurance

Nonvalued insurance policy

Nonwaiver agreement

Noon clause

Normal retirement age

Not always afloat (n.a.a.)

Not dated (n./d.)

Not otherwise classified (NOC)

Not otherwise provided (n.o.p.)

Notice of cancellation at anniversary date (NCAD)

Notice of loss

Notice to company

Notification of claim

Notification of loss

Nuclear energy liability insur-ance

Nuclear radiation risk

Nuclear reaction exclusion


Numerical rating system