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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms



Idle period

Immediate annuity

Immediate notice

Immediate vesting

Impaired risk

Impairment of capital

Implied authority

Imprest account

Improvements and betterments insurance

In and out rates

In and/or out deck

In-area emergency services


Inception date

Incidence rate

Incidental non marine

Incidents of ownership

Including particular average


Income (personal) insurance

Income and principal policy

Income averaging

Income beneficiary

Income policy

Income reimbursement insurance

Income replacement

Incoming premium


Incontestable clause

Increase of risk

Increased cost endorsement

Increased cost of construction insurance

Increased cost of living benefit

Increased expectation of life

Increased hazard

Increasing life insurance

Incurred but not reported losses (IBNR)

Incurred expenses

Inchmaree clause





Indemnity agreement

Independent adjuster

Independent agency system

Independent agent

Independent events

Indeterminate premium life insurance

Indexed life insurance

Indexed life policies

Indirect loss

Indirect property exposures

Individual fidelity bond

Individual health insurance policy

Individual insurance

Individual level cost method

Individual life insurance

Individual policy pension trust

Individual Practice Association Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Individual retirement account (IRA)

Industrial insurance

Industrial life insurance

Industrial property policy program

Inevitable accident

Infidelity exclusion

Inflation endorsement

In-force business

Ingestion insurance

Inherent explosion clause

Inherent vice

Inheritance tax

Initial premium

Injuries and diseases covered


Injury independent of all other means

Inkeepers liability

Inkeepers liability insurance

Inland marine insurance


Insect exclusion


Insolvency clause

Insolvency fund

Insolvency insurance


Inspection report

Inspection slip


Installation insurance

Installation risk

Installment refund annuity

Installment settlement


Insurability conditional premium receipt

Insurable interest

Insurable risk

Insurable title

Insurable value


Insurance agent

Insurance broker

Insurance business

Insurance carrier

Insurance certificate

Insurance commissioner

Insurance company

Insurance contract

Insurance cover

Insurance coverage

Insurance Crime Prevention Institute

Insurance department

Insurance examiner

Insurance expenses

Insurance fields

Insurance Guaranty Act

Insurance in force

Insurance industry

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction

Insurance Institute of America (IIA)

Insurance plans covered

Insurance plans for key employ-ees

Insurance policy

Insurance premium

Insurance proposal

Insurance rate

Insurance regulation

Insurance services office (ISO)

Insurance terms and conditions

Insurance title

Insurance to value

Insurance without medical ex-amination


Insured loan

Insured peril

Insured property

Insured value


Insuring clause

Insurrection insurance

Intentional injury

Intercompany arbitration

Interest adjusted cost

Interest adjusted method

Interest assumption

Interest free loans

Interest option

Interest rate cap

Interest rate change risk

Interest rate floor

Interest rate risk

Interest-sensitive cash flow analysis

Interest-sensitive whole life insurance

Interinsurance claim service organization

Interinsurance company claims

Interior robbery policy


Internal replacement

Internal Revenue Code

International employee benefit network

International insurance


Inter-vivo trust



Intracompany comparison

Intrastate carrier

In-trust policy

Investment earnings

Investment facility contract

Investment generation method


Investment-sensitive insurance

Irrevocable beneficiary

Irrevocable living trust

Irrevocable trust

Issue department

Issued business