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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Each and every accident

Each and every loss

Each and every occurrence

Early retirement

Earned premium

Earned premium income

Earnings and profits insurance

Earthquake insurance


Economic depreciation

Economic loss

Economic value

Economic value of an individual life (EVOIL)

Effective date of insurance

Effective time

Electric motors and equipment insurance

Electrical damage clause

Electrical exemption clause

Electronic equipment insurance

Electronic fund transfer (EFT)

Elevator collision insurance

Elevator liability insurance

Eligibility period

Eligible rollover distributions

Elimination period


Embezzlement insurance

Employee benefit plan

Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) trust

Employer’s liability

Employer’s liability (EL) insurance

Employer’s nonownership liability insurance

Employment standards law



Endorsement method


Endowment insurance

Engineering approach

Engineering insurance

Enlarged liability

Enrolled actuary

Enrollment period

Entire contract clause

Entire contract provision


Entity method

Entity plan


Environmental impairment liability (EIL)

Equipment dealers’ insurance

Equipment floater policy

Equity among policyowners

Equity rate

Equivocal suicide

Erection insurance


Errors and omissions clause (E&O)

Errors and omissions excepted

Errors and omissions liability insurance

Escalator clause

Escape clause


Estate planning

Estate tax

Estimated maximum loss

Estimated premium income

Estimated value


European Insurance Committee



Evidence clause

Evidence of insurability

Ex gratia payment

Examined (Exd.)


Except as otherwise herein provided (e.o.h.p.)

Excepted period

Excess mortality

Excess of loss reinsurance

Excess point

Excess value

Excluded articles

Excluded losses

Exclusion clause

Exclusion rider


Exclusions from medical benefits

Exclusive agency system

Exclusive agents

Exculpatory clause

Exculpatory provision



Exemption from payment of premium

Exhibition insurance

Expectancy tables

Expectation of life

Expected expenses

Expected loss

Expected morbidity

Expected mortality

Expense constant

Expense loading


Experience modification

Experience rating

Experience refund

Experienced mortality

Expert opinion

Expiration date

Expiration notice

Expiration of policy


Explosion insurance

Export credit insurance

Exposed to risk


Exposure-accident year experience

Extended coverage

Extended coverage clause

Extended coverage endorsement

Extended insurance

Extended term insurance

Extension costs

Extension of coverage

Extent of damage

Extent of insurance

Extent of insurer’s liability

Extortion insurance

Extra apportionment

Extra dividend

Extra percentage tables

Extra perils

Extra premium