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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Back load


Baggage insurance

Bail bond


Bailee’s customers insurance

Bail-out provision

Balance sheet reserves

Balancing of portfolio

Balancing of risks


Band system

Bank burglary and robbery insurance

Bankers blanket bond

Bargaining contract


Baseline data

Basic benefits

Basic commission

Basic hospital plan

Basic limit

Basic limits of liability

Basic medical expense coverage

Basic mortality table

Basic premium

Basis points


Bench error


Beneficiary clause

Beneficiary designation


Benefit amount

Benefit formula

Benefit period

Benefit schedule

Benefits budget

Betterment insurance


Bilateral contract

Bill of lading


Binding authority

Binding premium receipt

Binding receipt


Birth rate

Birthday rule

Blanket bond

Blanket contract

Blanket fidelity bond

Blanket form

Blanket insurance

Blanket limit

Blanket medical expense insurance

Blanket policy

Blanket rate

Blended rating

Block insurance

Block limits

Block of insureds

Block of policies

Block policy

Blue Cross plan

Blue Shield plan

Bobtail liability insurance

Bodily injury (BI)

Bodily injury liability insurance

Boiler and machinery insurance

Boiler insurance


Bond certificate

Bond yield


Bonus rate

Bonus-malus rating

Book of business

Book value

Borderline risk

Boston plan

Both-to-blame clause


Branch manager

Branch office

Breach of contract

Breeder’s insurance

Bridge insurance

Bridge insurance for bridges under construction

Broad form insurance

Broad form personal theft insurance


Broker of record

Broker’s cancellation clause

Broker’s lien

Broker’s order (OB)

Brokerage distribution system

Brokerage fee

Brokerage supervisor

Budget deficit

Builder’s risks (BR) insurance

Builder’s risks hull insurance


Burial insurance


Business continuation insurance plan

Business crime insurance

Business day

Business insurance

Business interruption insurance

Business liability insurance

Business life and health insurance

Business life insurance

Business overhead expense insurance

Businessowners policy (BOP)

Business property and liability insurance package

Business risks

Business risk exclusion

Buy-sell agreement

Bypass trust