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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Foreign Trade Terms


Facilitating intermediary


Factor of production



Factory cost

Factory door cost

Factory overhead

Factory price


Fair competition

Fair market value

Fair value

Fare rules

Farm subsidies

FAS named port of loading

Fast as can (FAC)

Fast lane

Fast-moving product


Favorable trade balance

Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

Feeder vessel




Fiat money

Fictitious value

Final trade goods

Financial documents

Firm surveillance

Fiscal burden

Fiscal control

Fiscal penalties

Fiscal policy


Fixed arrival and departure dates

Fixed charge

Fixed costs

Fixed day sailings

Fixed duties

Fixed exchange rate

Fixed interest rate

Fixed price

Fixed rate

Fixing a charter

Fixing letter


Flag discrimination

Flag of convenience

Flat container


Fleet policy

Flexible exchange rate

Floating crane

Floating dock

Floating exchange rate

Floating policy

Floor price

Flow-line production

FOB airport

FOB price

Follow-down dumping

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Food safety


Footloose industry


Foreign agent

Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

Foreign bill

Foreign borrowing

Foreign concern

Foreign content

Foreign corrupt practices Act

Foreign Credit Insurance Association

Foreign currency

Foreign currency translation

Foreign debt

Foreign department

Foreign direct investment (FDI)

Foreign economic trends (FETS)

Foreign exchange broker

Foreign exchange control

Foreign exchange market

Foreign exchange rate

Foreign exchange risk

Foreign exchange transactions

Foreign exports

Foreign external debt

Foreign financing

Foreign fora

Foreign freight forwarder (FFF)

Foreign income

Foreign investment

Foreign investment law

Foreign invoice acceptance

Foreign market development program (FMD)

Foreign market value

Foreign operations

Foreign sales agent

Foreign subsidiaries

Foreign tax

Foreign tax credit

Foreign trade

Foreign trade areas

Foreign trade organization

Foreign trade zone

Foreign trade zone entry

Foreign Trade Zones Board (FTZB)

Foreign trade zones-subzones (FTZ-SZ)


Fork truck


Form A

Formula approach

Formula countries

Formula cuts

Forward delivery


Forwarder’s air waybill (FAWB)

Forwarder’s bill of lading

Forwarder’s cargo receipt

Forwarding agent

Forwarding agent’s cargo receipt

Forwarding agent’s certificate of receipt

Forwarding department

Forwarding in bulk

Forwarding instruction

Foul bill of lading

Four-track band

Four-way (entry) pallet


Framework agreement


Franco delivery


Free alongside quay

Free alongside ship (... named port of shipment)

Free and open market

Free astray

Free carrier (...named place)

Free circulation

Free competition

Free discharge (FD)

Free in

Free in and out

Free in and out, stowed and trimmed (FIOST)

Free in wagon

Free in, out and stowed (FIOS)

Free list

Free of all average (FAA)

Free of capture & seizure clause

Free of duty

Free of particular average (FPA)

Free on board (...named port of shipment)

Free on board stowed

Free on truck

Free on wharf

Free out

Free overside

Free port

Free the cargo

Free trade

Free trade area (FTA)

Free Trade Area of the Americas

Free trade arrangement

Free trade zone (FTZ)

Free zone

Freed product

Freedom of transit

Freely floating exchange rate system


Freight aircraft

Freight broker

Freight charge

Freight collect

Freight contracting

Freight forward

Freight forwarder

Freight forwarding

Freight insurance

Freight plane

Freight prepaid

Freight prepayable

Freight rates

Freight receipt

Freight release

Freight terminal

Freight train

Freight transport

Freight Transport Association

Freight, insurance and shipping charges


Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treaty

Frontier control

Frontier custom post

Frontier traffic

FTA Commission

Fuel terms

Full container load

Full container ship

Full member

Fully cellular container ship

Fully competitive conditions

Functional trade agreement

Further processing






FC&S clause