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Obligation to disclose

Obligatory reinsurance treaty (ORT)



Obvious damage


Occupancy and fire rates


Occupational accident

Occupational classification

Occupational disability

Occupational disease

Occupational hazard

Occupational injury

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)


Occurrence basis

Occurrence forms

Occurrence limit

Ocean marine exposure

Ocean marine insurance

Ocean marine protection and indemnity insurance

Off cover

Off premises clause


Offer and acceptance

Office burglary and robbery insurance

Office contents form

Office personal property form

Officers and directors liability insurance

Old age, survivors, disability, and health insurance (OASHI)


Omissions clause

Omnibus clause

On deck (O/d)

On deck and/or under deck

On gross

On truck (o/t)

Open certificate

Open cover (O/C)

Open end policy

Open form

Open policy (OP)

Open stock burglary policy

Open-ended HMO

Open-panel HMO

Operating budget

Operating income

Operations liability

Opportunity cost

Option 1 plan

Option 2 plan

Option A plan

Option B plan

Optional insured rider

Optional modes of settlement

Optional peril endorsement

Optionally renewable contract

Ordinary life insurance

Ordinary payroll coverage endorsement

Original age

Original age conversion

Original cost

Original cost less depreciation

Original net premium (ONP)

Orphan insurance


Other insurance

Other insurance clause

Other insureds

Outboard motor boat insurance


Outage insurance


Outstanding claims

Outstanding claims advance (OCA)

Outstanding premiums

Over line

Overhead insurance


Overinsurance provision

Overinsured person

Overlapping insurance

Overriding commission

Overseas travel sickness insur-ance

Over-the-counter selling of insurance

Overwriting commission

Own damage (OD)

Own risk

Owner only driving (OOD)

Owner’s risk (OR)

Owners and contractors protective liability insurance

Owners, landlords and tenants liability insurance

Ownership of expirations

Ownership rights under life insurance