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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms



Valid contract

Validation period

Validation point

Validity period

Valuable papers insurance

Valuable records insurance


Valuation clause (V.C.)

Valuation date

Valuation method

Valuation mortality table

Valuation of loss

Valuation reserve


Value as in original policy or policies (VOP)

Value as marine policy (v.m.p.)

Value per original policy (v.o.p.)

Value reporting form

Valued as marine policy

Valued basis

Valued clause

Valued contract

Valued form

Valued policy

Valued policy law

Vandalism and malicious mischief insurance

Vandalism endorsement

Vanishing premium

Vanishing premium option

Vanishing premium provision

Variable annuity

Variable charges

Variable dollar annuity

Variable life insurance

Variable limit

Variable pay life insurance

Variable premium

Variable premium life insur-ance

Variable risk

Variable universal life insurance

Vehicular and rail bridge insurance

Vending machine marketing

Vested interest

Veterans administration (VA)

Viatical settlement

Viatical settlement company

Victim compensation

Vision care insurance

Visual examination

Void contract

Voidable contract

Voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Voluntary compensation endorsement

Voluntary life insurance

Voluntary plan termination

Voluntary reserve

Volunteer protection laws

Voyage charter party

Voyage clause

Voyage policy