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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Table of limits

Table of morbidity

Table of mortality

Tabular mortality

Tacit renewal

Taft-Hartley Act

Target benefit plan

Target risk

Tariff rate


Tax allowance

Tax base

Tax basis

Tax benefits

Tax bracket

Tax burden

Tax credit

Tax deferral

Tax deferred

Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA)

Tax factor

Tax form

Tax liability

Tax lien

Tax obligation

Tax planning

Tax rate

Tax return

Tax system


Taxable income

Tax-appraised value



Technical bases

Technical reserves

TEFRA corridor

Temporary disability

Temporary disability benefits

Temporary life annuity

Temporary life insurance

Temporary major medical insur-ance

Temporary partial disability

Temporary total disability

Tenancy by the entirety

Tenancy in common

Tenants insurance

Tender offer defense expense insurance


Term insurance

Term life insurance

Term of the policy

Term policy

Terminal dividend

Terminal illness benefit


Termination date

Termination rate

Territorial grouping of risks

Territorial limits

Territorial sea

Territorial waters

Tertiary beneficiary

Testamentary disposition




Theater public liability insur-ance

Theatrical floater


Theft at or after fire

Theft, pilferage and non-delivery (TP&N/D)

Theft, pilferage non and/or short delivery

Theory of probability


Third party

Third party beneficiary

Third party bodily injury

Third party insurance

Third party loss

Third party policy

Third party property damage

Third party, fire and theft insurance

Three-fourths loss clause

Three-fourths value clause

Three-quarters loss clause

Threshold level

Thrift plan

Time clause

Time for notification of loss

Time limit

Time value of money

Title insurance



Top hat policy

Torrens certificate

Torrens title system


Tort feasor

Total disability

Total disability benefit

Total loss

Total loss only (TLO) insurance

Total operating income

Total permanent disability

Total temporary disability

Tourist’s baggage floater

Towing charges

Towing insurance

Traditional risk reinsurance

Trailer insurance

Transfer by assignment

Transfer of insureds

Transfer of risk

Transit insurance

Transplant benefit

Transportation ticket insurance

Traumatic injury

Travel accident insurance

Travel assistance insurance

Travel insurance

Travel ticket insurance

Treaty reinsurance



Trip cargo insurance

Trip transit insurance

Triple protection

Truckers insurance

Truckman’s liability insurance

True group plan

True no-fault automobile insur-ance


Trust and commission

Trust company

Trust fund plan

Trust indenture


Trustee liability insurance

Trusteed plan


Tuition fees insurance

Tuition form

Tunnel insurance

Turnkey insurance