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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Safe arrival excepted

Safe burglary insurance

Safe driver plan


Safety audit

Safety deposit box insurance

Safety margin

Safety of assets

Safety responsibility law

Salary continuation plan

Salary deduction group insur-ance

Salary savings program

Salary scales

Sales expense budget

Salesman’s sample floater


Salvage agreement

Salvage charges

Salvage expenses

Salvage loss (SL)

Salvage reward

Salvage value



Sampling error

Savings bank life insurance (SBLI)

Savings element

Schedule bond

Schedule floater

Schedule injury

Schedule of benefits

Schedule of insurance

Schedule rating

Scheduled coverage

Scheduled limit

Scheduled personal property endorsement

Scheduled policy

Scrap value


Sea carrier

Sea damage

Sea route

Sea waybill


Seasonal risk


Seaworthiness admitted clause


Second death insurance

Second insured rider

Second surgical opinion (SSO) programa

Second surplus reinsurance

Secondary beneficiary

Secondary mortgage

Secondary plan

Second-to-die insurance

Secured creditor


Securities Act of 1933

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Securities bond

Segregation of exposure units

Select mortality table

Selection against the insurer

Selection of risk

Self-directed account

Self funding

Self insurance

Self-insured retention (SIR)




Selling agents’ commission insur-ance

Selling price clause

Semiendowment insurance

Separate account

Separate account contract

Separate property

Series of catastrophes

Serious injury frequency rate

Service adjustment

Service benefit

Service insurer agreement

Service plans

Servicemen’s group life insurance (SGLI)

Services in the nature of salvage

Service-station liability insur-ance

Set clause


Settlement agreement

Settlement options

Severity rate


Sex discrimination

Share reinsurance

Sherman Act


Ship repairer’s liability


Shipbuilder’s liability


Shipowner’s liability

Shipped bill


Shippers radioactive contamination insurance

Shipping agent



Shock loss

Short delivery

Short period (s.p.) insurance

Short period rate

Short rate cancellation

Short rate premium

Short shipped

Short term insurance

Short term reversionary trust

Sick building syndrome

Sickness coverage

Sickness insurance

Sign floater insurance

Simple interest

Simple negligence

Simplified employee pension (SEP)

Sine qua non

Single annuitant

Single interest policy

Single life annuity

Single limit

Single peril policy

Single premium

Single premium annuity

Single premium deferred annuity

Single premium immediate annuity

Single premium insurance

Single premium whole life insurance

Single risk cargo insurance

Sistership clause

Sistership exclusion


Sliding scale commission

Slight negligence


Smoke damage insurance

Social insurance

Social insurance supplement

Social Security act of 1935

Society of Actuaries (SA)

Sole proprietor

Sole proprietor life and health insurance

Sole proprietorship insurance

Soliciting agent


Solidity surplus


Sonic boom

Sonic boom losses

Sound equipment insurance

Special acceptance

Special agent (SA)

Special charges

Special conditions

Special damages

Special extended coverage

Special form

Special hazards

Special insurance policies

Special mortality table

Special multiperil insurance (SMP)

Special peril (SP)

Special personal property form

Special rate

Special risk insurance

Specific coverage

Specific excess contract

Specific excess reinsurance

Specific insurance

Specific rate

Specified disease policy

Specified peril insurance

Speculative risk

Speculative underwriting

Spell of illness

Spendthrift trust clause


Split deductible

Split life insurance

Split-dollar life insurance plan


Spontaneous combustion

Spouse and children’s insurance rider

Spouse’s benefit

Spreading of fire

Spreading of risks

Spring tide


Sprinkler leakage insurance

Sprinkler leakage legal liability insurance

Sprinkling trust

Stabilization clause

Staff adjuster

Staff-model HMO

Stamp and coin collections insur-ance

Stamp and coins dealers insur-ance


Standard Fire Policy

Standard form

Standard group

Standard limit

Standard mortgage clause

Standard policy

Standard premium

Standard provisions

Standard risk

Standard workers compensation insurance

Standing timber insurance

State agent

State disability plan

State fund

State high risk pools for the med-ically uninsurable

State supervision and regulation

State taxation of insurance

State unemployment insurance

Stated amount endorsement

Statement blank

Statement of loss

Static impairment

Static table


Statute of limitations

Statutory accounting

Statutory conditions

Statutory liability

Statutory profit/loss

Statutory reserves

Statutory restriction

Steamboiler insurance

Stevedores legal liability insur-ance

Stipulated premium


Stock and fixture (S&F)

Stock and machinery (S&M)

Stock bonus plan

Stock exchange

Stock insurance company

Stock insurer

Stock processing insurance


Stocking a mutual

Stop loss

Stop loss insurance

Stop loss provision

Stop loss reinsurance

Stored goods insurance

Storekeepers’ burglary and robbery insurance

Storekeepers’ liability insurance

Storm and tempest insurance

Straight deductible clause

Straight life annuity

Straight life insurance

Straight-line depreciation


Stranded, sunk or burnt (SS or B)

Strict liability

Strike insurance

Strikes, riots and civil commotion (SR&CC) insurance

Strike-through clause

Subject premium

Subject to acceptance by the assured (S/A)

Submitted business


Subrogation clause

Subsequent negligence

Substandard risk

Substantiate the claim

Succession beneficiary clause

Successor beneficiary

Sue and labor (S/L) clause

Suicide clause

Supervisory authority

Supplemental coverage

Supplementary benefit rider


Surety bond

Suretyship contract

Surgeon’s liability insurance

Surgical expense coverage

Surgical insurance benefits


Surplus lines

Surplus reinsurance

Surplus reinsurance treaty


Surrender provisions

Surrender value


Survivor benefit

Survivor’s right to sue

Survivorship annuity

Survivorship clause

Survivorship life insurance

Suspension of coverage

Suspension provision


Syndicate policy