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English to Spanish Dictionary Of Insurance Terms


Machinery malfunction (breakdown) insurance

Mail order insurance

Main cover

Maintaining a nuisance

Maintenance bond

Major medical insurance

Malicious damage (M/D)

Malicious mischief


Malpractice insurance

Malpractice liability insurance

Managed care

Managed competition


Manifestation injury theory

Manual rate

Manual rating

Manufacturers’ and contractors’ liability insurance

Manufacturing insurance

Manuscript insurance


Marine and war risks (MW)

Marine hull insurance

Marine insurance

Marine insurance policy (MIP)

Maritime peril

Maritime salvage

Maritime shipping

Maritime trade


Market risk

Market value

Market value clause

Marketing plan



Mass marketing

Mass merchandising

Master contract

Master policy

Master-servant rule

Material bond

Material fact

Material injury

Material misrepresentation

Matured value

Maturity date

Maximum amount insured

Maximum foreseeable loss (MFL)

Maximum loss

Maximum possible loss

Maximum probable loss (MPL)

McCarran-Ferguson Act


Medical aid

Medical certificate

Medical checkup

Medical examination

Medical examiner

Medical expense insurance

Medical Information Bureau (MIB)

Medical payments insurance


Medicare supplement

Medigap insurance

Mental capacity

Mercantile open-stock burglary insurance

Mercantile robbery insurance

Mercantile safe burglary insurance

Mercantile safe insurance

Merchandise (mdise.)

Merit rate

Merit rating

Messenger insurance

Messenger robbery insurance

Method of transportation

Mexico insurance

Minimum premium plans

Minor loss

Miscellaneous expenses

Miscellaneous vehicles coverage


Missing cargo

Missing package

Misstatement of age

Mistaken claim

Mixed agency

Mixed insurance company

Mixed perils


Mode of premium payment

Model Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act of 1977

Modification of contract

Modification rating

Modified amount of coverage

Modified cash refund annuity

Modified coinsurance (modco) plan

Modified life insurance

Modified premium

Modified whole life insurance

Modified-premium whole life insurance

Moisture damage

Monetary policy

Money and securities broad form insurance

Money market investments

Money purchase plan

Monoline policy

Monthly annuity

Monthly debit ordinary (MDO) insurance

Moral hazard

Morale hazard


Morbidity factor

Morbidity rate

Morbidity table


Mortality adjustment

Mortality charges

Mortality rate

Mortality risk

Mortality table


Mortgage guarantee insurance

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage redemption insurance

Mortgagee clause

Mortgagee insurance

Motor truck cargo insurance

Multiemployer plan

Multi-peril insurance

Multiple credit rating plan

Multiple indemnity

Multiple line carrier

Multiple line contract

Multiple line insurance

Multiple line insurance company

Multiple location chain stores insurance

Multiple location forms

Multiple location insurance

Multiple location policy

Multiple peril insurance

Multiple protection life insurance

Multiple-line agency (MLA) system

Municipal insurance

Musical instruments insurance

Mutual assent

Mutual atomic energy reinsurance pool

Mutual benefit method

Mutual fund

Mutual insurance company


Mysterious disappearance exclusion