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English to Spanish Dictionary of Finance Terms


Naked call writing

Naked option

Naked position


Narrow market

Narrowing the spread

National Association of Invest-ment Clubs

National Association of Secur-ities Dealers (Nasd)

National Association of Secur-ities Dealers Automated Quotation system (Nasdaq)

National bank

National debt

National market system

National quotation bureau


Ne t book value

Near money


Nearest month

Negative balance

Negative carry

Negative cash flow

Negative income tax

Negative interest

Negative pledge clause

Negative yield curve


Negotiable bill

Negotiable instrument

Negotiated underwriting

Nest egg


Net asset value (NAV)

Net asset value per share

Net assets

Net book value

Net capital ratio/net capital requirement/net capital rule

Net change

Net current assets

Net dividend

Net earnings

Net income

Net income per share

Net income to net worth ratio

Net interest

Net lease

Net loss

Net margin requirement

Net operating loss (NOL)

Net present value (NPV)

Net price

Net profit

Net profit margin

Net quick assets

Net sales

Net tangible assets per share

Net transaction

Net working capital

Net worth

Net yield


New account report

New efficient frontier

New issue

New issue market

New listing

New money

New share


Nifty fifty

Night safe

Nine-bond rule

No account

No advice

No effects

No funds

No growth model


No-load fund

No-par-value stock/no-par stock


Nominal exercise price

Nominal interest rate

Nominal quotation

Nominal return

Nominal yield


Non-equity option

Non-par stock


Nonclearing member

Noncompetitive bid


Nonfactor risks

Nonmarket risk

Nonmember firm

Nonparticipating preferred

Nonperforming loan/asset

Nonproductive asset

Nonpublic information

Nonpurpose loan

Nonrecourse loan

Nonrecurring charge

Nonrecurring gain



Nonvoting stock

Normal probability distribution

Normal trading unit

Not for profit

Not held order (NH)

Not in order

Not rated

Not-to-order clause


Note issuance facility (NIF)

Note issuing bank

Note issuing privilege

Notice day


NOW account (Negotiable Order of Withdrawal account)

NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)