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Spanish Language Articles

Spanish Translator Services presents our Spanish language and English - Spanish translation articles covering a variety of topics developed by our team of expert English Spanish linguistics at Trusted Translations, Inc.

Latin American Spanish

The Spanish Language and Translations into Spanish

Spanish Speaking Market Explodes with Hispanics Taking Center Stage

Untranslatable Words from French
There are thousands of words and expressions that, for linguistic or cultural reasons, don?t have an exact equivalent in other languages. When translating, we must use our imagination and our linguistic abilities to incorporate them into the target text in the most natural way possible. In an earlier post in our collection of linguistic curiosities, […]

A Super Bowl of Terminology

Four Memsource Features for Quality Improvement
Memsource is a CAT tool that allows us to work with text in two columns; one for the source text and the other for the target text. It also offers a variety of tools to facilitate our work as translators. Here, we?ll be talking about four functions that can help us obtain a higher quality […]

The Human Element
So, let’s pick it up directly where we left off: ?The Diagram for Consciousness? The diagram (simplified to fit the purposes of our analogy) consists of a three step pyramid: At its base, the creator sets Memory as the first step to attaining true consciousness. Memory is indeed the first factor needed both to learn […]

The Personalization of Translation
Imagine this situation: a diner arrives at a restaurant. Upon being seated, the waiter asks him what he wants to eat. To the waiter’s surprise, the diner looks at the menu and says: “I want the chicken with orange sauce and the arugula, tomato and brie salad, but instead of chicken I want it to […]

Wordier Than Thou Art
Think of the things in your life that you really cherish. And by things I mean actual objects: your key chain, your favorite gadget, your tennis racket, maybe a childhood keepsake, a book you’ve read many times, or something you brought back from a trip abroad. Do any of these hold a special meaning? Do […]

Preserving a Language: A Doomed Deed?
In biology, there is a well-known movement towards preventing the disappearance of animal species that inhabit planet Earth. In the science of language, there seems to be a similar effort, though with its own peculiarities and conclusions.   Some argue that the loss of language, just like the loss of species, is simply a fact […]

What?s so Funny?
We all have the need to communicate. It is an intrinsic part of our human condition. Whenever we want to relate to someone else, or to another group, we often dig into the bag of humor, whether it is to make ourselves likable, or simply because we know that laughter is one of the best […]

A World Without Translators?
A translator?s work often goes unnoticed, to such an extent that the phrase “A good translation seems as though it were an originally written text” has become commonplace. However, the work of the translator is of paramount importance to all of us, despite the fact that we rarely reflect on it.   A translator?s job […]

The Formula for Consciousness
Last week I finished watching the first season of Westworld, a sci-fi TV series that beyond its more apparently basic plot, theorizes about the nature of human consciousness and what it takes to be truly ?human? with everything that being one of us implies (for better or for worse). I?ll try not to spoil it […]

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