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Spanish Language Articles

Spanish Translator Services presents our Spanish language and English - Spanish translation articles covering a variety of topics developed by our team of expert English Spanish linguistics at Trusted Translations, Inc.

Latin American Spanish

The Spanish Language and Translations into Spanish

Spanish Speaking Market Explodes with Hispanics Taking Center Stage

50 Shades of Texting
The language of instant messaging has become an entity of its own. Texting has been a useful and widespread tool since the introduction of cellphones. Through time, the way we communicate using this means has evolved in a way that has divided linguists with regard to the use of grammar and spelling related to texting. […]

The Difficulties of Translating Comics

Arrival: A Circle of Meaning and Understanding
  ?At the beginning there was the circle??   So, following up on our previous post, I?ll have to say I?m still quite inspired by some of the ideas portrayed in the movie ?Arrival?, recently nominated by The Academy for best Feature Film. This time I want to focus on the fictional alien lingo and […]

How to Translate AutoCAD
Files created in AutoCAD are mostly plans and diagrams for various applications such as architecture, engineering, mechanics and other projects that require technical and precise specifications in order to design or build an object or installation. They are files with measures and instructions, and not meant for literary or artistic texts. In general, they are […]

How a 3D Language Works
In this day and age, 3D technology is as common and as accessible as having a cellphone. 3D technology is often related to visual aids, so how can we talk about a 3D language? Well, American Sign Language and any other sign language can be considered 3D languages since communicating through them means visualizing movements […]

I?ve got the World on a String, Wrapped Around my Window
Have you ever stopped to think about how the text you read on a computer screen is displayed? Probably not. You probably have more pressing matters to attend to. It may as well be magic for all you care. But the truth is that you?ve come this far following a trail of characters, one after […]

?Gross? Words: Lost in Translation?
Consider the following words: phlegm, slacks, yolk, smear. If you think these are completely unconnected terms, you?re right. They only have one thing in common: English speakers are grossed out by them. But don?t be confused! This isn?t about words that are mispronounced or used out of context, we?re not even referring to words and […]

A linguist could save the world
?Language is the foundation of civilization. It is a glue that holds people together, and it is the first weapon drawn in a conflict.? The quote belongs to ?Arrival?, the most recent alien invasion film by Denis Villeneuve, nominated by The Academy for best picture. I finally got a chance to watch it last week, […]

Translating into a 3D Language
The use of technology has become more and more common when trying to bring new, young students into classrooms, especially when it comes to learning a second language. It?s hard enough to get young people to concentrate in a classroom, and, let?s be honest, a foreign language course is a tedious endeavor for most people. […]

How to Translate InDesign Files
InDesign files require special attention in order to achieve an efficient and complete translation. This is because, unlike other file formats, the documents created with InDesign have a main file (with either an .indd or .idml extension) which contains the structure of the document. Complementing this main file are the so-called “links” and “fonts”. ?Links? […]

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