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Spanish Language Articles

Spanish Translator Services presents our Spanish language and English - Spanish translation articles covering a variety of topics developed by our team of expert English Spanish linguistics at Trusted Translations, Inc.

Latin American Spanish

The Spanish Language and Translations into Spanish

Spanish Speaking Market Explodes with Hispanics Taking Center Stage

The Google Effect
Some years ago, when we needed information to help us study, write a paper or translate, we had to go to the library and read books to find what we were looking for. And to find a phone number, we would have to check the phone book or our personal agenda. Since we had to […]

Sorting out the Translation Industry?s Mumble Jumle
100 years after WWI, a time when most countries began instituting industrial standards, and 70 years after the creation of the ISO, standards are something we take for granted. We expect our wrenches to fit our bolts and nuts perfectly, we expect the products we buy to have quality controls and warranties, and we expect […]

Translations: You Get What You Pay For!
We?ve heard it said more than once in our lives, “you get what you pay for,” meaning that buying cheap stuff alludes to a false economy, since what appears to be cheap is actually expensive in the end. This is true for many things, but applies particularly well to the world of translations. There are […]

Memsource: Watch Out for Spaces!
As we have explained on other occasions, Memsource is a CAT tool that allows us to work with text in two columns: one for the source text and one for the target text. It also gives us the possibility to create terminological bases and translation memories and offers us search and quality control tools. When […]

Sudden Changes in Information Density
Information density, as awkward as it sounds, is a term accepted by the academic community to describe how much information can be encoded in the elements of language. It is a measurement of the amount of data transmitted by a word or syllable or singular sound. Listen closely to a sound clip in Italian. If […]

How to Save Money on Legal Translations
There are three key factors in the production of almost any service: cost, speed and quality. Often, only two of these elements can be prioritized. When it comes to legal translations, however, we don?t want to have to sacrifice any of these, so we end up doing our best to find the right balance, and […]

50 Shades of Texting
The language of instant messaging has become an entity of its own. Texting has been a useful and widespread tool since the introduction of cellphones. Through time, the way we communicate using this means has evolved in a way that has divided linguists with regard to the use of grammar and spelling related to texting. […]

The Difficulties of Translating Comics

Arrival: A Circle of Meaning and Understanding
  ?At the beginning there was the circle??   So, following up on our previous post, I?ll have to say I?m still quite inspired by some of the ideas portrayed in the movie ?Arrival?, recently nominated by The Academy for best Feature Film. This time I want to focus on the fictional alien lingo and […]

How to Translate AutoCAD
Files created in AutoCAD are mostly plans and diagrams for various applications such as architecture, engineering, mechanics and other projects that require technical and precise specifications in order to design or build an object or installation. They are files with measures and instructions, and not meant for literary or artistic texts. In general, they are […]

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