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Spanish Language Articles

Spanish Translator Services presents our Spanish language and English - Spanish translation articles covering a variety of topics developed by our team of expert English Spanish linguistics at Trusted Translations, Inc.

Latin American Spanish

The Spanish Language and Translations into Spanish

Spanish Speaking Market Explodes with Hispanics Taking Center Stage

March 14: Pi(e) Day?
In the mathematical community, March 14 is Pi Day, the number that expresses the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The one we always talked about in school: “? [or pi] is equal to 3.14159 …”. But why March 14? Unlike much of the rest of the world, in the United States, dates […]

This cheerful Latin phrase literally translates to, ?Cesar has no power over grammarians.? And while it?s original intent may be to describe all the natural limits imposed on a ruler, I will wholeheartedly take it out of context in order to explain why I like it. I like it because it legitimizes a sort of […]

When is Proofreading Necessary?
Every translation project is different. Some translations will need to be certified, some will come along with some sort of surprise request and will have to be finalized and delivered ASAP, and others will be part of an extensive project, or part of the company’s regular activity. Every time we are delivered a text (or […]

Cloud Based Translations: A Living Learning Thing?
  As time goes by, people are amassing larger and more diverse collections of digital belongings. The emergence of Cloud computing has enabled people to move their personal files to online places, creating new digital commodities through online services. However, little is known about how this shift might shape people’s orientations toward their digital possessions […]

PDF: A Double-Edged Sword
PDF files have gained a lot of popularity in recent years since they are ideal for quickly exchanging files and easy viewing. They can be exported from almost any type of graphic design tool or word processor, from Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to Word and PowerPoint, just to mention a few. The acronym PDF stands […]

Visual Poetry

Knowledge is Power
When I was 15 years old and learning to drive, I was given access to a pick-up truck with manual transmission. But my attempts at shifting gear were so disastrous that I was soon relegated to sharing my mother’s automatic minivan. About a year later, I overheard a conversation about the inner workings of a […]

Untranslatable Words from French
There are thousands of words and expressions that, for linguistic or cultural reasons, don?t have an exact equivalent in other languages. When translating, we must use our imagination and our linguistic abilities to incorporate them into the target text in the most natural way possible. In an earlier post in our collection of linguistic curiosities, […]

A Super Bowl of Terminology

Four Memsource Features for Quality Improvement
Memsource is a CAT tool that allows us to work with text in two columns; one for the source text and the other for the target text. It also offers a variety of tools to facilitate our work as translators. Here, we?ll be talking about four functions that can help us obtain a higher quality […]

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