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Spanish Language Articles

Spanish Translator Services presents our Spanish language and English - Spanish translation articles covering a variety of topics developed by our team of expert English Spanish linguistics at Trusted Translations, Inc.

Latin American Spanish

The Spanish Language and Translations into Spanish

Spanish Speaking Market Explodes with Hispanics Taking Center Stage

Junk Translations
On our previous article we pondered about the main drivers in the translation industry (cost, time and quality) and how, as if it were affected by the force of some natural balance, one most always prevail over the other two. Translation services buyers today are usually like the March Hare in one of Lewis Carroll?s […]

Editing vs. Edition
In the process of a translation project, there are many different workflow steps that can be involved, depending on the complexity of what?s being translated and the needs of the person or entity requesting the translation. One of the most common of these workflow steps is editing, part of the traditional ?TEP? workflow process of […]

Are we Obliged to Follow the Rules?
The reasoning behind the existence of rules is so we don?t live in chaos, but rather in an orderly society. In the case of language standards, it is so we can convey our ideas clearly and communicate with each other without any issue. But should we always respect the rules? Your first instinct may be: […]

Lost in Punctuation
As languages may differ in terms of structure, gender, and syntax; there?s something that most languages have in common (there are a few exceptions to the rule): they need Punctuation. Punctuation is what helps us make sense of what we read and say, a necessary evil which serves to contain the chaos inherent in language. […]

Ancient Translation Errors
One of the risks involved in the translation process is losing the meaning of certain words or concepts, or even that the translation lends itself to a totally different interpretation. Sometimes, these variations don?t affect the final result all that much and don?t generate any sort of significant confusion. However, throughout the history of mankind, […]

Language in Sports: International Communication at an Organizational Level
In our past couple of articles, we?ve talked about methods of communication in both European and world football, but focusing on what happens on the field, most importantly at the peak of competition. At a tournament like the FIFA Word Cup, where people from all over the world come together to play, watch, officiate, and […]

What to Avoid to Achieve a Perfect Translation
As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the translation process can be puzzling to those who don’t work in the industry. Here we?ll give you some tips that will help improve the quality of the results and ensure a great experience. The information handled by the agency and its clients should be as accurate and explicit […]

Translation Wars
We live in demanding times, running at the rhythm of a tyrannical clock that dictates its own rhythm and pace. In an increasingly interconnected world, where information can surge from one point of the globe to another in a matter of seconds, time is always of the essence, merely because it turns into a possibility […]

Is Your Language All-Inclusive?
Is it fair to say that a language is non-inclusive or sexist? Most languages (mainly those derived from Latin and Greek) have a somewhat special quirk: grammatical gender. For example, one of the tricky things when learning French as a second language ? at least for Spanish speakers ? is when the same word has […]

Important Considerations for Voice Recordings
Every once in a while, a translation project will require a voice recording service, either for dubbing or for voice over. In some cases, audio or video files are sent in for transcription, which then proceed to be translated into the desired language. In this case, the transcription is quoted first, then the translation and […]

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